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The Werewolf

What is a Werewolf?

The term werewolf can be found in many occidental cultures from antiquity and the Middle Ages to modern times. In Scandinavia this mythical figure is called 'Varulv', in France 'loup-garou' and in Ireland 'fáelad'. In literature the werewolf is also often called a 'man-wolf' and described as a human being in animal form. Just as manifold as the epochs and cultural circles are the meaning but also the respective sources of origin of these mythical and legendary figures. In the following I would like to briefly outline some of them:

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How did the term werewolf come about?

Well, there are many cultures whose mythology includes man animals, half man, half animal. Usually the animal was a large predator hunting at night. Creatures often take the form of the most dangerous animal in the area. In India there are weretigers, in Africa wereleopards; but the most famous creatures are the werewolves from Central Europe.
The syllable 'were' comes from the Old English word 'wer', which means man. Therefore Werewolf <—> man-wolf

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