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Werewolf Gallery

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On these pages I have collected all the werewolf representations that appealed to me. A loud *Hooowwll* as a thank you for the creators of these illustrations.catzwinkergrins
If you click on the pictures, you will get a larger view.

Lots of fun looking at these pictures wishes you your Pattwóŗ.

© Ken Kelly
A beautiful picture of a werewolf, who is captured by a crowd of people.
Ken Kelly Werwolf
© Ken Kelly
At this werewolf the transformation seems to have just taken place…
Werwolf 1
© Clyde Caldwell
This illustration shows an Indian shaman who has apparently turned into a werewolf according to a special rite.
Many Indians believed that their spirit would determine their physical form. And it cannot be ruled out that people still have this faith today.
Werewolf 6
© Mr. X
And who ever doubted the existence of werewolves, here we have the proof. catzwinkergrins
Werwolf 5
© Kemono Inukai
Bon Apetit!
Werewolf 4
A nice portrait catzwinkergrins
An aggressive werewolf about to attack.
A werewolf in which the human part of itself has gained the upper hand.
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