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Werewolf Lyrics

I've quarreled with myself for quite some time of whether I should translate these lyrics, because its hard to keep the verse. I decided, despite this problem, to do it and concentrate on the meaning.

Night Thoughts

Stars and moon in the night,
I hunger for their might.
In the pale, white moonlight
I walk and change my sight.

Glittering in the lake the sparkling light,
the howling of wolves makes me fight.
I love the melody and the singing,
the beautiful sound caresses me klinging.

I like to follow the pack.
The Gaia Law and Almanac,
old is the know-how and knowledge,
that we seek and so miss.

Already written down in runes,
what our forefathers were up to.
As Guardians and Gaia's Guardian
they were discredited as butchers.

The pack calls the melody of the night,
the ancient being within me awakens.
The children of the moon are born again,
chosen by Mother Earth as her warriors.

The army of Gaia walks on earth
and rule and act in their name.
The pack in the warm coat of the night
forever awake what no one thought.

© Wolfkatze Shael Hajit

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