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Historically documented Incidents

Rés Jean Grenier


Around 1603, the 14-year-old shepherd Jean Grenier turned himself in to the authorities and freely admitted that he had murdered 50 children. A neighbour had introduced him to the "Lord of the Forest", who gave him an ointment and a wolf fur. He made the courtroom laugh. The court attested him a low intelligence and sent him to a monastery where he became completely dull.


Rés Peter Stump


Even mass murderers in "ordinary human form" were said to be werewolves. An example of this is the case of Peter Stump, who committed suicide in Bedburg near Cologne around 1590. Stump was accused of turning into a wolf, eating at least two men, two pregnant women, and thirteen children, as well as incest with his daughter.

In 1589, Peter Stump from Bedburg near Cologne confessed in court to having had a devilish succube as a co-sleeper for twenty years. She had given him a belt with which he could turn into a werewolf as soon as he put it on. In this form he strangled fifteen boys, two women and a man, but ate only their brains.
Stump was wrecked and terribly tortured. They tore him to pieces with pincers, woven him on the wheel and beheaded him before burning his headless corpse. In case something had been left out, his lover and daughter were also burned.

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