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On these pages I would like to present pictures that have been sent to me for publication. A loud *Hhooouuull* as a thank you for the creators of these pictures.catzwinker
If you click on the pictures, you will get a larger view.

Lots of fun with these pictures wishes you your Patt'Wóŗ.

This picture of two werewolves has been sent to me by Sha'Tanka. Thank you very much for this beautiful picture.
© Kemono Inukai
Tai sent me this handsome, somewhat displeased representative of the lycanthropes.
© Herbie Hamill
And also this picture was provided to me by Sha'Tanka for presentation on these pages. Thank youcatzwinker
© Jürgen Bleiholder
This picture was created and sent to me by J├╝rgen Bleiholder. Thank you for this successful portrait.
© WolfLSI
And also this picture was made available to me by Tai for the representation on these sites. Thank youcatzwinker
© WolfLSI
This beautiful photo callage was sent to me by Sha'Tanka.
© Dark Natasha
This representation of an anthropomorphic warrior was sent to me by Tai. Pattwóŗ thanks you very much.
© Tobias Richter
This picture is a self-portrayal of Tobias Richter. This anthropomorphic self-image is a Werefox of low transformation. My thanks go to Tobias Richter for this picture.
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