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The Wa'Dŗán Chronicles
− Wolf Howl −

Paw Paw

Exile or hopeless struggle for survival? What does one decide for when both possibilities mean the end of earthly existence? After several foiled assassination attempts on him, the young Wolf Wilson suddenly faces this election. The decision leads him on a path that demands much from him, but above all it threatens to take away his humanity. Courageously, he faces his fate in search of a way out of his difficult situation.

Reading rehearsal

Unfortunately “The Wa'Dŗán Chronicles − Wolf Howl” is only published in german. I'm searching for a publisher at present who is willing to translate “The Wa'Dŗán Chronicles − Wolf Howl”.
Nevertheless, in case you speak german I hope you'll have as much fun reading it as I had writing it. catzwinker

The Wa'Dŗán Chronicles − Wolf Howl
Wolf Howl

Of course I would be pleased to get feedback. To provide a possibility for giving me constructive criticisms in an uncomplicated way, I've installed a kind of Commentary-Book. Here you can also read commentaries of others.

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