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The Wadŗán Chronicles
− Metamorphosis −

Paw Paw

Malign events have forced Wolf Wilson to leave his homeland and seek refuge as a refugee on an alien world. To integrate himself into the existing culture becomes an impossible task for him. There is only one way. But this would cost him his humanity. Wolf does not know if he can go this way. An alternative does not seem to exist.

Metamorphosis, an exciting sequel to “Wolf Howl”

Reading rehearsal

“The Wadŗán Chronicles − Metamorphosis” will soon be translated from german into english. Since I am not a professional translator and do the translation myself, it will take some time.
Nevertheless, I've already done translation of the reading rehearsal. I hope you'll have as much fun reading it as I had writing it. catzwinker

The Wadŗán Chronicles − Metamorphosis
Over nine years of seclusion − living in another world − a world that would be unimaginable on earth. But it exists…

© Bernhard Möller


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