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On this page I've put all my illustrations for my novel The Wa'Dŗán Chronicles − Metamorphosis. To maximize the pictures you've only to click on the specified thumbnail.
Lots of fun inspecting these pictures wishes you your Patt'Wór.

Curan fight
© Bernhard Möller
Cuŗan of Wa'Dŗán expecting a Jupdun attac.
Wolf Fight
© Bernhard Möller
Wólf of Wa'Dŗán in a death-struggle with a Rhohac-Jupdun.
© Bernhard Möller
The first signs of the transformation are already visible at Cuŗan of Wa'Dŗán. Here he is resting from the strains of his severe education.
© Bernhard Möller
Chrachra and Chracuta are being watched from Wólf and Cuŗan while doing a playful duel.
© Bernhard Möller
Wolf in the den at Chrorchtua und Chracuta.
Wor'Kai im Zimmer
© Bernhard Möller
A boy has been teared by a werecŗond'Lloŗ.


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